What this blog is about

Recently I finished (I think) a series of painting, and felt a little at odds about where to go next. I needed to do something that was fun, challenging, and structured enough to let me explore painting without feeling hemmed in.

Sometimes things just align. No real reason: the little gem that is meant for you just shows up. Robert Genn, in his newsletter to artists, proposed playing: make 100 small paintings in about 30 days, and don't take them seriously.
The "rules", loosely:
  • keep the paintings small
  • use a limited palette
  • spend only a few minutes on each one
  • leave them unfinished
  • paint like you are four years old
As I begin the blog, I'm about half-way through. So I will not date or name the entries, but simply number them. A few, for some reason, are missing. But by and large, I committed to putting them all up, no matter how they turn out. All are part of my exploration.

I used acrylic, most on small bits of watercolor or drawing paper, a few on small 5x7 panels. Some are pretty awful, some are overworked, some look pretty good. All of them have been fun.  And they are already are telling me something about where I am going as an artist.

Note: the 30 day part went by the board, but I am continuing to make my quick little paintings when I can.  I've decided to continue making them-- they are useful for warming up, exploring techniques, and just plain having fun with paint.  So I'm changing the title of this blog from "100 Little Paintings in 30 Days" to just "Quick Little Paintings, Having Fun".